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Whenever some complex problems are involved in your infertility, advanced technologies like ICSI offer a ray of hope. There is just one goal that all of these fertility treatment options seek to achieve: to attain a healthy pregnancy. Before ICSI was invented, low sperm counts were considered untreatable causes of male infertility. With ICSI, couples who were unable to conceive or dependent on donor sperm can have their biological child through IVF.

The intracytoplasmic sperm injection procedure uses a different approach than traditional IVF to fertilize the egg. After attaching itself to the egg, the sperm penetrates through the outer layer to fertilize it. However, sometimes the sperm fails to penetrate the egg’s outer layer. It is possible to achieve pregnancy via ICSI and IVF in such a situation. In ICSI, a single sperm is picked and injected directly into the egg.

The ICSI procedure is performed by an experienced embryologist using specialized instruments. Even though ICSI is a precise procedure, cellular events must occur for fertilization.