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Egg and Embryo Donation

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Egg and embryo donation are types of fertility treatment used to help couples to conceive.
Egg donation is when eggs from a donor are fertilised with your partner’s sperm in a laboratory dish. The resulting embryos are then transferred to your uterus (womb).

In the Bless Fertility & Test Tube Baby Centre, infertile couples can benefit from an embryo donor program. Other couples who have successfully conceived children donate their embryos to infertile couples. There is, unfortunately, less availability of embryo donors than for eggs, particularly if you need them to meet specific requirements. Even after successfully conceiving a child, their frozen embryos are reluctant to be parted for reasons that are best known to them. Because of this, the waiting period between embryo donation and conception is usually prolonged. The owners of embryos who have completed their families and do not intend to have any more children can speak with us at Bless Fertility & Test Tube Baby Centre to alleviate this situation.

The purpose of egg donation is to give eggs to needy people who want to have their own children. This is an assisted reproductive method in which a woman donates her eggs to another person who needs them. In the case of an egg donation program, the recipient can either use donor sperm or have a baby with a partner.