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Diagnostic Laproscopy

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A laparoscopy is an operation used to look inside your abdomen to diagnose certain problems related to the reproductive organs. A thin instrument called a laparoscope (similar to a telescope) is inserted through a tiny cut in your belly button to help us examine and operate (if needed) in your abdomen without making large cuts. Common reasons for undergoing a laparoscopy include the assessment of painful or heavy periods, pelvic pain (as may occur with endometriosis or adhesions), pelvic masses (such as ovarian cysts) or as assessment of fertility. Laparoscopy is often performed as a day procedure. General anesthesia is used during laparoscopic surgery, so you shouldn’t experience any pain or remember what happened.

You will have pharyngitis as soon as you wake up. This is due to the tube placed down your throat during surgery to assist you with breathing.

The carbon dioxide gas can cause you to feel bloated, and you might experience sharp pains in your shoulder for a few days.

Even though you’ll likely return home the same day as your surgery, you should try to rest up for a minimum of one or two days afterward.

If any repairs are required, it may take two weeks to recover. Discuss this with your physician. In addition, antibiotics and pain medication may be suggested.

Consult a doctor immediately if you experience these symptoms:

  • Your abdominal pain is severe or worsening.
  • Your fever is 101 degrees or higher.
  • At the incision site, pus is oozing, or bleeding is significant.