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Best IVF Centre in Meerut

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Best IVF Centre in Meerut

Are you trying to become parents for a very long? But things have been hard! Well, this time things will be different and your dream to become a parent will come true! SM Hospital Bless Fertility is an best IVF Centre in Meerut that has brought smiles to the faces of many parents who were struggling in conceiving a baby.

Nowadays, infertility is a common problem. About 12%- 15% population of our country is facing such health conditions.

Couples are facing depression, anxiety and hopelessness due to infertility.

But to overcome the nightmare of childlessness, Dr. Alka Garg has been a ray of hope for such parents and successfully running the best IVF Centre in Meerut.

Having a very high rate of success of IVF in Meerut, Bless Infertility and IVF Centre has become the first choice of struggling parents in Meerut and nearby.

How IVF is Performed at the Fertility World Meerut?

IVF is a series of procedures in which we retrieve eggs from a woman’s ovaries to be fertilized by sperm in our fertility laboratory, exceeding the body. Once the egg is fertilized, the resultant embryo is incubated in our laboratory for a few days under the culture medium for full development before standing transferred back into the mother’s uterus (womb).

Before transferring the embryo into the uterus, b/w fertilization and implantation, we can test the embryos for genetic competence in operating PGD or PGS. This assures the highest level of success possible and minimizes the possibility of twins or triplets, and also regulates if there are any genetic abnormalities in the embryo. 

In total, this treatment can consume two to four weeks, the length of an ovulation method. Each patient is individual, and the team at World fertility Centre works with you to devise a treatment plan that prioritizes your preferences and goals.

Understanding The Process Of IVF Treatment In Meerut:

Understanding the Process Of IVF Treatment

Fertility World strongly recommends any fertility patient be conscious of the basics of each phase to ensure the best results. Your experience with IVF treatments will proceed as follows:

  • Initial Consultation: After you book the first appointment with us, our coordinators will schedule a direct free consultation with our fertility experts Doctor. They will get to understand you and your medical history in detail. Based on your fertility history, we can best design an IVF treatment procedure that works for you. We’ll also carry out preliminary tests to check on hormone levels and different factors. 
  • Ovarian Stimulation: To boost your egg production for ovulation, fertility drugs (Follicle-stimulating hormone, Luteinizing hormone) can be utilized. Our fertility experts will continually monitor these treatments for effectiveness. You will be given HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) injection to permit the maturation of the eggs.
  • Egg Retrieval: About 36 hours after the injection, an outpatient surgery called a vaginal ultrasound is performed for egg recovery. This surgery is minor, and you can depart after an hour. Your partner will provide a semen (sperm) sample during this procedure. Sperm can be collected with masturbation, PESA, TESA, and TESE procedures.
  • Embryo Development: The semen sampling fertilizes the eggs and transfers them to incubators. The embryos are gone to develop for the next few days. Fertilization can be achieved with conventional procedures, AI, and ICSI treatments.
  • Embryo Selection: The embryo development is monitored for almost five days. Then, we specify which embryos are the healthiest and least likely to carry a genetic disorder. 
  • Embryo Transfer: We typically try single embryo transfer for most couples to avoid considerable pregnancies. An embryo is implanted utilizing a catheter. Again, you’ll be able to go back to normal activities, as usual, the day after the embryo transfer methodology.
  • Post-Transfer: Our patients are prescribed to continue progesterone therapy for at least two weeks after the embryo transfer to assemble implantation easier. In the following days, we’ll observe you for pregnancy symptoms. If your pregnancy is successful, you’ll continue progesterone therapy for the other few weeks. 

About us | Test Tube Baby Centre in Meerut

SM Hospital Bless Fertility is the best test tube baby Centre in Meerut has been a blessing for hundreds of barren parents to conceive their first child. Our only goal is to bring happiness and joy to the lives of couples who struggle with complications in pregnancy.

We strive to give our best to you and the best results that you’re expecting from us. And assure you a healthy and blissful experience with us.

We have an exceptional team of doctors who can help to get over your fertility difficulties. The doctors are holding experience more than 20 years of IVF and Infertility, hence providing you with the best experience throughout.

The doctors also have hands-on experience in Ultra Sonography, Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy.

The expertise of our doctors lies in successfully handling complicated cases of repeated IVF Failure, donor and surrogacy.

Blessed Parents

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SM Hospital Bless fertility Test Tube and IVF Centre is the best in the city. With a very high success rate, we have won the hearts of parents and left them with eternal joy. We are fighting against failure in pregnancy, IVF failure, Infertility and barriers that restrain healthy pregnancy.

Dr Alka Garg, who is an expert in IVF and other fertility issue, promises you to give you the best experience in the city. With 25 years of experience in the field, she understands her patients very well and handle them with ultra-care.

Dr. Alka Garg and Dr Navneet Garg handling the critical and complicated IVF cases in Meerut. They have an experience of 30 years and expertise in IVF and Infertility.

They are committed to take care of you throughout your beautiful journey. And thrive to give their patient immense pleasure of parenthood.

We deeply understand the pain of childlessness hence we provide the care to our patient under very economic packages. If you are looking for the best IVF clinic in Meerut, then consult Bless IVF Centre to get fertility treatments at low prices.

IVF is a new technology which helps the infertile parents or the struggling parents-to-be, to become parents. It is done by retrieving (Collecting) egg from ovaries, combing it with the sperm in the lab and fertilizing them together.

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